Installation and maintenance

With several customers attended, Sisterm has engineers and technicians specialized in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and systems.
With training in equipment manufacturers, Sisterm’s technicians perform preventive and corrective installation and maintenance work on all air conditioners types, including split air conditioners, ducted split units, self-contained, chillers, water pumps, frames electrical power and command, cooling towers, fans, controls and other equipment involved in air conditioning installations.

Following the best practices and methods of carrying out the work, Sisterm has diagnostic and evaluation tools, among them: digital thermo-hygrometer, digital anemometer, thermometer, refrigerant gas leak detector, refrigerant collector, high vacuum pump, oxygen/acetylene and electric welding, electronic manifold, etc.

We implemented a preventive maintenance plan in accordance with Portaria no. 3,523 / 98 of the Ministry of Health.
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